If you pay a visit to Quarteira then one of the first things you'll notice is the beautiful beaches that this area has. With over two kilometres of beaches to be enjoyed there sunbathing is one of the main reasons that people choose to visit this area of Portugal. When you combine this with the fact that it has warm temperatures all year round, it fast becomes the perfect holiday destination.

Of course, it isn't all about beaches and sand - there is so much more to do. For starters there are a number of bars and restaurants along the sea front and nearby to the beach. These cater to all tastes so whether you're looking for a full-blown sit down meal or you just want to grab a cocktail and a quick bite to eat there will be something perfectly suited to you.

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Just look at this stunning penthouse view from one of our apartments for rental in Quarteira

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Attractions in Quarteira

If you want to do some sightseeing while you're visiting Quarteira, you'll have plenty to see and do a well. You could pay a visit to The Church of Sao Pedro of the Sea or perhaps visit ruins of Cerro da Vila. 

Depending on when you visit there will also be other events and entertainment taking party - for example the summer parade that happens in the summer to celebrate local popular saints.

One of the nicest things about Quarteira is that over recent years, despite visitor numbers increasing it hasn't changed much. So by visiting here you're going to get an authentic cultural experience and not much can be better than that. 

Distance to Quinta do Lago

If you have a car then a visit to our Quinta do Lago villas is less than 15 minutes' drive away, so is easily accessible from Quarteira.