As Loulé is located right between the southern coast line and the rural hamlets of the north, it has a real historical market town feel to it, which is lovely. That said the seaside resort caters will to holiday makers with plenty to see and do for everyone. The Loulé coastline is part of the Golden Triangle which is well known for beautiful beaches, its marina and casino and famous golfing venue and much more !

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Attractions in Loulé

The city centre part of Loulé is just under 12km away from the coast, but there is something to keep everyone happy. One of the nicest things about the town is that it has kept much of its historical charm, so you get to see a real piece of history while you are there. You can explore the 13th Century castle and if you visit at the weekend take a walk around the weekly Saturday market. If you visit during July there is also a world famous annual craft fire that takes place which is well worth a visit. This craft fair has more of a festival feel to it, with plenty of music, places to eat and entertaining going on throughout the duration of the event.

There is also the Loulé carnival which takes place over three days every year. This really is a party that never stops (they literally party all day and night), so if you're nearby when it is happening then you should make sure you pay a visit.

Distance to Quinta do Lago

At less than 15km away, if you choose to pay a visit to our Quinta do Lago villas then you should be able to get there in less than 25 minutes by car.