Why you should consider Vale do Lobo as your next holiday destination

A beautiful and tranquil holiday destination, Vale do Lobo has much to offer.

A prestigious and luxury resort, visitors to Vale do Lobo will find that other resorts simply don't measure up. 

If you've never had the pleasure of visiting this secluded part of the Algarve, here's some information about why you should consider Vale do Lobo as your next holiday destination. 

Tropical temperatures

With more than 3000 hours of sunshine throughout the year, Vale do Lobo on the Algarve is a warm and sunny location, perfect for lazing on the beach or enjoying some watersports.

The Atlantic Ocean really heats up between the months of June and September, with the temperature of the water rising to a positively tropical 74 degrees. 

Although it's much hotter during the summer months, it never really gets really cold even in the depths of winter making it the ideal year-round holiday getaway.

Stunning landscape

Located right on the beautiful Algarve coastline, the resort of Vale do Lobo lies within a pine valley, so the natural landscape which surrounds it is simply breathtaking. 

It's just a short amble to the beach where you'll find pristine white sands which stretch for miles in either direction, softly buffeted by the gentle waves of the Atlantic Ocean. 

Looking in the opposite direction, inland there's the Monchique mountain range, providing shelter for the Algarve from the worst of any weather. These mountains offer the chance for climbing and hiking, with peaks of 902 metres (Foia). Traverse along the ridge, moving from one summit to another, experiencing the diversity of alpine flora and fauna. 

Nearby is the stunning Ria Formosa Nature Park, a coastal lagoon which is separated from the sea by a series of islands. An area particularly important for ecological reasons, Ria Formosa is home to an astounding number of species of birds along with other types of wildlife. Whether you paddle down it yourself, or go on a sailing trip there's much to see and do. 

The sea

It's impossible to mention a holiday to Vale do Lobo without paying tribute to the spectacular coastline that winds around the shore.

Edged by the Atlantic Ocean, the waters are balmy between June and September but can be chilly throughout the rest of the year. 

But no matter whether the sea is cool or warm, the amount of wildlife to be found is quite simply incredible. 

Boat trips to watch dolphins jumping in the ocean can be enjoyed, and while there is never any guarantee of what you might find, there's a good chance you'll see pods of dolphins out in the wild, a simply incredible sight.

For birdwatchers, the Vale do Lobo coast is a veritable paradise, especially during migrant season.

Come and see the sea at Vale do Lobo

Come and see the sea at Vale do Lobo

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However, it's below the surface that the most magic awaits. Scuba diving in Vale do Lobo allows you to see the marine life in the underwater world and discover what's normally hidden from view. Shy octopus, baby conger eels and shoals of wrasse can all be found at some of the numerous dive sites not far from the coastline. And there's also caves and wrecks for the more experienced to explore.

Sublime luxury

The resort of Vale do Lobo is not a budget option, although off peak it is possible to enjoy an opulent holiday at a fraction of the cost. 

The villas and apartments are known for their spacious luxury, and for being on resorts with incredible facilities. Health spas, gymnasiums and top class golf clubs are just a few of the amenities whilst there are gourmet restaurants for the ultimate dining experience. 

A five star resort, with award-winning facilities, including on-site boutique shops, Vale do Lobo is a breath-taking complex. With private pools, ocean views - and some even with their own cinema room! The accommodation is as indulgent and luxurious as you could imagine, and then a bit more.

Easy to reach

The luxury resort of Vale do Lobo is just 30 kilometres from Faro airport, making it easy to reach by car, typically just 20 minutes. 

Once you're at the resort, you'll enjoy the unique position of feeling secluded and away from the madding crowds, yet only being a stone's throw away from the main action. 

With pristine beaches, with the seafront restaurants and bars, together with the many nightclubs and shops, there's a bustling metropolis just a short distance from the resort. 

Lots to do 

Vale do Lobo is famous for being an award-winning golf resort and with manicured fairways and glass-smooth greens; it's a delight to play on. 

Try a round of golf at Vale do Lobo

Try a round of golf at Vale do Lobo 

But golf isn't the only sport in the area. There are championship-standard tennis courses as well as horse-riding, hiking and mountain-climbing.

If you want to get your feet wet, there's scuba diving, along with a number of adrenaline-fuelled water sports such as kite surfing, water skiing, kayaking and jet skiing. 

The Algarve is also an area full of rich history and culture and renting a car - which is recommended for stays in Vale do Lobo - gives you access to everything that's on the coastline.

If you can't resist pulling on your bathing costume, there's a fun-filled water park for the whole family to enjoy. The area also has a theme park as well as a very popular zoo-marine park where children can see seals and dolphins up close, a great way to introduce them before hopefully going out to spot them in the wild!

Take it easy

Of course, there's no reason to tour around or play sports if you've simply come to be pampered and relax.

Why not stay at one of our villas during your stay at Vale do Lobo?

 Why not stay at one of our villas during your stay at Vale do Lobo?

The villas and apartments provide every modern convenience and there's either a private pool or the beach to lounge around on. 

Whether you want to dance the night away or just enjoy a leisurely few drinks and a meal, there are plenty of choices available, both on site and in the town. 

If you've never sampled the extreme privileges of Vale do Lobo, you are missing out on a real slice of luxury, and a unique holiday destination.

Image Credit: The Casa