Watersports in Vale do Lobo

There's much to see and do in Vale du Lobo and the resort is perfect for both families and adult couples wanting privacy and seclusion. 

With luxury villas, sumptuous restaurants and a varied nightlife, there's no chance of ever becoming bored. 

With the warm temperatures and azure blue skies which are more or less guaranteed in the summer months, there's the chance to try a much wider range of activities which wouldn't be so much fun in colder weather: namely watersports.

In and around Vale do Lobo  there's the chance to enjoy a wide range of watersports regardless of whether you are a complete novice or an experienced hand. 

Here's some information about the kind of watersports on offer. 


Think of snowboarding crossed with waterskiing and you have a general idea what wake boarding is! A sport which is rapidly gaining in popularity, in wakeboarding the participant must hold their balance on a short stubby board while being pulled along by a powerboat. 

Very different to waterskiing, wakeboarding relies on the wake being churned up by the powerboat, with participants carrying out a range of stunts and athletic feats such as jumps and twists.

Because there is no need to rely on wind or waves, wake boarding can be carried out at any locations which is big enough for a powerful boat to surge around, with room for the wakeboarder to enjoy a clear run to execute their moves. 

With the vast expanse of beach and ocean available along the Algarve coastline, this area is perfect for sports such as wakeboarding. 


Although much of the waters around the Algarve are flat and glassy, there are some spots where the surf is up and the waves are more impressive. This makes ideal conditions for one of the oldest watersports around: surfing.

Although it looks fairly easy, and the equipment you need is certainly minimal compared to other sports, it's always a good idea to get lessons. Understanding the theory and safety manoeuvres is essential to being able to have fun surfing without putting yourself in any danger.

 Vale do Lobo is perfect for surfing

Vale do Lobo is perfect for surfing

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The west of the Algarve offers the best opportunities for surfing and day long "surf-ari" trips are on offer to the area. In the summer, conditions are ideally suited to novice or less experienced surfers because the waves are far less powerful. 

Braving the slightly cooler waters in the winter months brings rewards for more experienced surfers who can take on the far more powerful waves and strong ocean swells. 

Dolphin boat trips

Not all types of waterspout have to involve strenuous activity and dolphin boat trips are one of the most popular excursions.

While there is never any guarantee of what you might see in the wild, two hours out on the ocean provides a very good chance of seeing this wonderful marine creatures playing and arcing in the water, happy in their natural environment. 

Dolphins aren't the only creature you'll see on this journey and peering into the clear waters you'll discover a whole range of fish and marine life whilst in the sky above, wild birds will circle.

The perfect trip for nature lovers, a boat trip is one of the most fascinating excursions you could enjoy. 

Scuba diving

The cool waters of the Atlantic heat up during the summer months to provide a balmy temperature perfect for diving. 

There are a number of diving schools in and around Vale do Lobo so you won't have any problem finding an instructor who is able to give you lessons and take you out into the ocean.

If you've never been diving before you'll need to undergo the basics before you can strap on the equipment and get going. A morning in a special training pool is generally all that's needed before being ready to experience your first dive.   

There's a variety of dive sites around Vale do Lobo and the stretch of coastline which are perfect for both novice and experienced divers. Starting at around 12 metres deep and plunging down to 30 metres or more, there's a wealth of marine life just waiting to be discovered. 

Octopus, conger eels, wrasse and giant sea bream are just a few of the species you could discover in the magical underwater world. 

There's wrecks and cave formations suitable for the more experienced divers to explore too. 

Big game fishing

There are a variety of fishing trips available, some for the whole family to enjoy but if you want an adrenaline-filled experience opt for the more challenging deep sea fishing.

Heading right out in to the ocean, you won't be catching any tiddlers with your equipment; expect to see the big boys.

Amongst the fish that you could catch are tuna, marlin and of course, shark. 


With more than 300 days of sunshine every year, the temperature of the water rarely drops below 15˚C which means that it's warm enough for sports such as windsurfing all year round. For those who like the temperatures more tropical, between late May and September the sea really heats up.

Its sheltered location means that the waters around most of the Algarve are flat in every season and with a consistent wind, this provides the perfect background for windsurfing.

When in the Algarve you could always try some windsurfing


There's a large windsurfing contingent in the Algarve for this reason and you'll often seen windsurfers out on the ocean, particularly between April and October when it's warmer. 

There are lessons available for all levels of windsurfer as well as equipment for hire. Most windsurf schools have their own spots set out for windsurfing but some may allow you to transport the equipment to your own chosen area if you prefer (but be aware the insurance probably will be invalidated if you opt for this).


A relatively new watersport but one which is growing more rapidly than any other, kiteboarding doesn't need waves to surf along the ocean.

Using an inflated kite and a board, the kiter uses the power of the wind to gather enough energy to move across the water. It is surprising how little wind is needed for an experienced kiter to gather up speed, performing tricks such as rotations and grabs. 

The Algarve provides ideal conditions for kiteboarding, so much so in fact that it is included in the Professional Kiteboarding world tour.   

The strong "nortada" wind which blows across the waters off the Algarve provides the perfect conditions for kiters, never being too strong but providing the ideal power. Novice and less experienced kiters should head out in the morning when the winds aren't as strong while those who are more experienced can tackle the more challenging winds which can be found during the afternoons.

Watersports for everyone

The waters around the coast of the Algarve are ideal for a number of different watersports. Whether you prefer high octane thrills or gentle tranquility, there's something for everyone of all ages and all abilities.   

Some sports are on offer close to Vale do Lobo while others are available a little further down the coastline, but with a hire car it's easy to reach other beaches and watersports centres in no time at all.

Image Credits: Maddy U and Celeste Galvao