Vale do Lobo Beaches

With year-round sunshine and blue skies, Vale do Lobo is an ideal holiday resort at any time of year.

But it's during the late spring and summer months that the weather really starts to warm up, making the resort perfect for watersports or even just lazing around on the beach.

Vale do Lobo is part of the historic Algarve coast, which has the clear blue waters of the Atlantic lapping at the shore. The sea around Vale do Lobo is a balmy temperature during the summer months, providing the perfect conditions for scuba diving, kite surfing and other watersports.

However, the beach at Vale do Lobo is a real crowd-drawer, stretching out for miles. We take a closer look at the beach and what's available. 

Scene from the Vale do Lobo beach

Scene from the Vale do Lobo beach

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The beach

The soft golden sands of the beach at Vale do Lobo makes the ideal spot to relax, unwind and simply chill out. Whether you have young children keen to build a sandcastle or you want some quiet time with a good book, the beach at Vale do Lobo offers the perfect space. 

The beach is particularly distinctive as it is surrounded by red cliffs, giving a slightly extra-terrestrial feel, but helping to shelter the sands and sunbathers from any winds or strong breezes. With the deep red colour of these cliffs offset against the golden sands, the end result is very dramatic, particularly at sunset.

The sands themselves are absolutely immaculate, creating a safe space for children with no litter, sharp fragments or waste. This golden beach stretches as far as the eye can see in either direction, covering a total of 2km. 

This means that there's plenty of room for both sun loungers and children's games, without everyone being squashed up close. 

The beach that's local to the luxury hotel Dona Filipa which lies at the heart of the Vale do Lobo resort is the Praia do Trofal, and can be easily reached by heading straight for the sea.

Beachside Praça

As well as the golden, soft sands there's lots of other facilities at Vale do Lobo in and around the beach which provide great entertainment for youngsters. 

There's a pool complex with waters suitable for both kids and adults, with loungers and towels available for rent. 

As well as enjoying a snack or grabbing a drink, while the children play, why not treat yourself to a relaxing massage, the ultimate pampering session?

There are relaxation decks, life guards and plenty of beach bars so if you want the pleasure of being next to the ocean without the inconvenience of sand, the complex makes the perfect solution. 


If you want a change of scene but can't tear yourself away from the beach, why not head to nearby Quarteira?

A local town where a number of regular markets are held, Quarteira is famous for its long stretch of beach which features a handy pedestrianised zone, making it particularly safe for children. There are lots of cafes and restaurants along this stretch and you'll see lots of pushchairs, roller skates, wheelchairs and bicycles around this very accessible patch of sand.

Parking is ample along the seafront and you'll find no shortage of amenities during the day.

Quarteira is also renowned for holding seafront events so if you time it right you could find yourself enjoying some unexpected entertainment.  The beachside complex at Quarteira doesn't shut down at night and as well as the restaurants alongside the seafront, you'll find people dancing outside, entertainment or even older couples strolling along enjoying an ice cream. 

Falésia beach

A little further along than Quarteira, Falésia beach is still not far from Vale do Lobo but is one of the largest in the whole of the Algarve.

This beach is one of the most popular with families because the sand banks slope gently leaving lots of shallow water perfect to paddle in. During the busiest summer season there's also life guards as well as plenty of restaurants and shops.

There is a coastal path which leads right out from Falésia beach, great for bike rides which wind through tiny villages along the way. Watersports are also available from nearby with everything from scuba diving to surf kiting available.

Clear Ocean

Although the waves gently lapping at the shore may seem as balmy as the Mediterranean, it's actually the Atlantic Ocean which borders the Algarve.

The gentle waters of the Atlantic Ocean are ideal for sports because they're very clear, offering great visibility. In the summer months the sea is also very warm, climbing to 74 degrees between June and September. However, it's not as warm as the Mediterranean and this slightly more temperate water means there's a great diversity of marine life. 

sunbathing and a clear ocean at Vale do Lobo

Enjoy a spot of sunbathing and a clear ocean at Vale do Lobo

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Visibility is generally great for divers, affording them great views of the underwater world beneath the surface. You don't have to be experienced in any of the watersports as there's lessons available starting from complete novice. 

If you choose to get in the water outside the peak season, you should still experience excellent visibility and clear seas, but you may experience a slight chill. A thicker wetsuit might help to offset the effects of a cooler ocean as the difference in temperature can be quite marked. 

Beautiful beaches, fantastic fun

If you come to stay at the incredible resort of Vale do Lobo, don't forget to set aside time to spend relaxing at the beach. 

Whether you simply want to stroll by the sea with an ice cream, dive into the surf or else soak up some rays, the beach in Vale do Lobo is the perfect place to be. The luxury resort nestles right on the edge of the coastline, creating the ideal base to take a wander down to the sea. 

Sun, sea and sand: the world class resort of Vale do Lobo really does have it all.

Image Credits: Vale do Lobo Algarve and Purple Travel