Sailing Cruises from Vale do Lobo

Just a short 20 minute journey from Faro airport, the luxury resort of Vale do Lobo has much to offer visitors.

Whether you are hoping for the chance to relax and be pampered, to enjoy a few rounds of golf in stunning surroundings or to take part in an activity holiday, Vale do Lobo has an exquisite range of options.

The clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean lap against the white sandy beaches, making a sailing cruise a particularly attractive choice. The chance to feel a gentle sea breeze against your skin, whilst appreciating the stunning coastline is an activity not to be missed. Of course, for those who are more energetic, a boat trip can easily be combined with a scuba diving adventure too!

Here's a guide to sailing cruises from Vale do Lobo and just what's available.

Dolphin watching

Although there's never any guarantee of what you might see, the waters of the Atlantic around the Algarve are the perfect place to go dolphin watching. 

Cruises which specifically set out to watch these magnificent creatures in the wild run from the Vale do Lobo coastline. The waters you'll be sailing on are calm and gentle and in a two hour cruise there's a very good chance you'll see them arcing through the sea.

Dolphins are a great joy to watch in the Vale do Lobo area

Of course, it's not just dolphins that you'll see: all kinds of marine life will be on display along with the sea birds in the area. There's no better place to appreciate the vast beauty of the coastline, the beaches and of course, the ocean, than from the vantage point of a boat. 

Pirate cruises

If you want something a little bit different, why not opt for a pirate cruise around the coastline?

There's some incredible adventures to be had upon an old-fashioned boat (which of course conforms to modern safety standards!), sailing out to sea and visiting some fascinating sea caves along the way.

Dropping anchor on the big sail boat, and hop into the cave boats for an exploration like no other. Equipped with engines, these traditional cave boats can squeeze through narrow openings to explore some of the most breath-taking and beautiful natural cave vaults, normally hidden from view.

If you want a bit of luxury, head off in the Columbus-styled sail ship to a tiny beach only accessible by sea, and enjoy a barbecue before returning back to the resort for the night. 


The coastline of the Algarve is full of fascinating natural phenomenon, with flora and fauna which are truly unique. 

Ria Formosa Nature Park is located along the nearby resort of Quinta do Lago; a coastal lagoon which is separated from the ocean by a series of islands. It's an area which has been designated as one of the Seven Wonders of Portugal and is an incredibly important area for ecology.

Ria Formosa Nature Park, an important ecological site

The Ria Formosa Nature Park, an important ecological site

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If you want to learn more about the wonderful plants and animals that flourish in this area, take an eco-tourism sailing trip and explore the beauty of the waters for yourself. 

Fishing trip

If you want to get out on the open water and enjoy some watersports at the same time, a sailing trip on a fishing boat could be just the thing.

With all the equipment provided on board, you don't need to be an expert fisherman and there are even family-friendly fishing trips which everyone can enjoy. If you want to try something a bit different, deep-sea fishing trips are on offer where you could look to land species such as blue shark, tuna, swordfish and dorado. 

Large enough to accommodate 20 passengers comfortably, these deep-sea fishing boats are around 13 metres long and specially contracted for the purpose. 

Yachts and catamarans

There's sailing cruises of all durations available, with some just a couple of hours long and others which last all day - or longer so there's no shortage of choice. 

If you want to continue your luxury break on the water, try a sailing cruise on one of the prestigious yachts or catamarans available for hire.

The largest vessels are a staggering 19 metres long, and can carry 140 passengers, offering unrivalled views of the dramatic cliffs and caves, and unspoilt coastline around the Algarve. 

Something for everyone

There's a wide range of activities to enjoy both on dry land and in the sea, but don't miss out on the opportunity to see the area from a different perspective.

Taking a sailing cruise out to sea offers unique views of the dramatic and beautiful Vale do Lobo coastline and will provide you with images that you'll simply never forget. 

Image Credits: Hannah Ede and Gracie Griffiths