10 beautiful images of Vale do Lobo

The stunning resort of vale do Lobo is one which promises much and delivers even more.

Manicured golden sandy beaches, gentle waves and luxurious accommodation, there's nothing more you could want when staying at the resort.

There's many things to see and do in the area, so it's the perfect location whether you are looking to get away with the family or just enjoy a couple's break. Here's a glimpse at some of the stunning sights you could enjoy during your stay in Portugal's most prestigious luxury beach resort.

1) Stretches for miles 

Vale do Lobo has 2 km of beaches

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Vale do Lobo has 2 km of beaches, stretching out in either direction from the resort. With secluded dunes and pristine sands, there's plenty of room to find a space to relax in front of the Atlantic Ocean. This image shows what you can expect: blue skies, golden beaches and the white frothy surf bubbling in the distance. 

2) Luxurious surroundings by day… 

The resort of Vale do Lobo is luxurious

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The resort of Vale do Lobo is luxurious, set in unique surroundings. Despite lying to close to the ocean, it's also set in a fragrant pine valley which provides lush greenery and a secluded feel. This picture shows the kind of relaxed opulence you could enjoy at the luxurious accommodation, with private pools at each villa. 

3) …and by night 

luxury villa poolside setting

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The same luxury villa poolside setting shown at night; somehow it seems to look even more glamorous! With soft poolside lighting and a gentle glow from the surrounding trees, this villa looks inviting and relaxing, the perfect spot for pre-dinner drinks. 

4) Fragrant and floral 

sweet-smelling blossom in the springtime and scented blooms in the summer

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When you think of the Algarve and Vale do Lobo, the first things that may spring into mind are the beaches and the ocean. The proximity to the beachfront restaurants is certainly an advantage but the resort is also a very lush, green and fragrant area. There are many trees dotted around with sweet-smelling blossom in the springtime and scented blooms in the summer. Take a walk around the area and you'll find beautiful flora around every corner.

5) Perfect location 

apartments at Vale do Lobo

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Creamy white walls, clean lines and elegant simplicity are some of the words best used to describe the apartments at Vale do Lobo. Every place is of the highest quality with generous facilities which guarantee to pamper and relax. With palm tree settings and with views over the ocean, Vale do Lobo has an uncannily picturesque location. The lush green grass belies the year-round warm temperatures, but with protection from the mountain range, Vale do Lobo never endures the worst of any weather, even in the depths of winter. 

6) Delicious dishes 

 freshly caught fish

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Lying right on the shores of the ocean, Vale do Lobo is lucky to be able to offer freshly caught fish to its guests. There's a vast difference in eating fish which has been stored for a couple of days to that which has come directly from the water to your plate, and you'll enjoy seafood which is soft, succulent and moist. Unsurprisingly, seafood is very popular in this area and specialist dishes such as sardines in butter are frequently eaten. 

7) Dramatic sunset 

dramatic sunset

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In Vale do Lobo during the summer season, the days are long and hot, with blue skies and warm sunshine almost guaranteed. But after a typically beautiful summer day, there's nothing more picturesque than watching the golden sun set over the horizon. This image shows an Algarve sunset over one of the famous Vale do Lobo golf courses. With restaurants, bars and cafes in the area, why not relax over a couple of pre-dinner drinks to enjoy this natural spectacle? 

8) Go exploring! 

beautiful blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean

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The beautiful blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean are warm and balmy around the Algarve coast between the months of June and September, and the perfect time to try out some of the watersports available in the area. Scuba diving, boat trips and water skiing are just a few of the activities you could try out during your stay. 

9) Game, set and match! 

Vale do Lobo is home to one of the biggest tennis centres in Portugal

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Although golf is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports in the area, tennis is also a much-loved sport and Vale do Lobo is home to one of the biggest tennis centres in Portugal. Attracting international stars for annual tournaments such as the ATP Seniors, there's also a range of lessons and courses held for those who want to improve. With top class coaches holding both European and American coaching badges, there's both group and individual lessons available. 

10) A sight you'll never forget 


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One of the most gently and intelligent creatures of the deep, dolphins hold a special place in most people's hearts. The chance to watch them in the wild could just be a once in a lifetime experience, but a visit to Vale do Lobo provides just that. A 2 hour boat ride out into the waters around the coast provides a good chance of seeing these magnificent aquatic beasts freeing their own environment, arcing through the water, and if you're lucky, chasing the boat!


The above images from Flickr can only begin to capture the natural beauty of the Vale do Lobo resort but to really appreciate everything it has to offer, you need to visit it for yourself. Why not add it to your wish list when you're planning your next holiday destination?

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