Quinta do Lago Watersports

With plenty of water hazards dotted around the fairways of the Quinta do Lago courses, some players might feel they are partaking in watersports at times rather than a game of golf!

However, there are many opportunities to enjoy some watersports for real, either in the resort or on the beach nearby.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced watersports fanatic, there's equipment, facilities and tuition available.

Here's a closer look at the kinds of watersports you might want to try during your stay in Quinta do Lago.

There's water based fun for the whole family at Quinta do Lago


Not strictly a water sport, a ride on the pedalo might be the easiest way to enjoy some time away from the shore. 

There are a number of beaches which rent out pedalo's including Quinta do Lago and Praia do Anção, but if you prefer to steer clear of tides and currents, you might want to enjoy a leisurely ride out on one of the lakes in the area. Quinta do Lago Lake offers a range of different watersports and also rents pedalo's for the whole family to enjoy!

No motors are permitted on Quinta do Lago Lake so you won't have to spend your time on the water dodging fast speedboats.


A more relaxing type of water sport, fishing can be the perfect complement to a golfing holiday, a chance to take things slightly easier. 

Quinta do Lago Lake offers the chance to fish for bream, eel and sole in the dedicated Fishing Centre adjacent to the main area. There's also deep-sea fishing for those who want to venture out onto the ocean under the expert supervision of a local fisherman and tour guide. 

The Algarve has the perfect waters for fishing so it's possible to fish all year round, regardless of the season. 

For those who want to enjoy a slightly more adrenaline-filled version of the sport, there are shark-fishing trips which regularly depart from nearby Quarteira and Portimão as well as Albufeira and Vilamoura. You could catch sharks such as Hammerheads, Blue or Mako but it's not for the faint-hearted!

Reef fishing is another way to enjoy getting out on the waves; there are plenty of trips which offer this sport and potential catches include Conger or Moray eels, Mackerel or Grouper. 


One of the lesser known watersports, it has a large cult following and in Quinta do Lago is very popular because the climate is ideally suited to it. 

Kitesurfing could be described as a cross between surfing and windsurfing, where participants stand on a small surf board whilst using a parachute-style kite to harness the energy of the wind to propel them across the water.

Unlike surfing, kitesurfing is best enjoyed on a flat water surface as the power comes from the wind, not the waves. With a pleasant sea breeze but calm waters, the Quinta do Lago coastline is the perfect location for kitesurfing for both those who are experienced and novices too. 

In Quinta do Lago kitesurfing is possible all year round thanks to the mild climate but outside the main summer season (May to October) you might need a wetsuit to stay warm whilst in the water.  Kitesurfing is so popular in Quinta do Lago that every year a competition is held to find a new champion. This normally takes place in July and visitors are welcome to watch the competition and enjoy the post-tournament party on the beach. 


When you think about watersports, it's easy to overlook the simplest of them all: swimming.

Quinta do Lago is blessed with not just a myriad of pristine private pools but also an award-winning coastline with gentle waves and a warm temperature during the summer months, providing perfect swimming conditions. Lifeguards are stationed along all the main beaches during the summer months.

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Swimming can start right at your villa

If you prefer to swim in a more controlled environment, the salt water lake at Quinta do Lago is also suitable for swimmers; being free of motorised equipment it provides a safe and peaceful location for a dip.   

Lakeside specialities

Quinta do Lago Lake has a dedicated watersports centre which means that visitors don't need to go far to enjoy a variety of sports on the lake.   

The lake avoids any motorised sports such as speed-boating or jet-skiing and instead provides tuition, lessons and facilities for those activities which rely on either the water or the wind for power. 

Windsurfing, sailing, scuba diving, canoeing, kayaking and dinghy sailing are all popular pursuits around the lake. All instructors are fully qualified and equipment for all ages and abilities is provided on-site. Children's lessons are available from the age of 6. 

It is possible to enjoy these sports on the ocean as well. Those less experienced may prefer to take some lessons on the lake first before moving on to the less predictable open sea. Areas such as Sagres, Portimão and Lagos are particularly good for windsurfing as they experience more roller-type waves compared to more sheltered bays. Every year a windsurfing championship, the Portimão Formula 1 Grand Prix, is held and world class windsurfers from all over the world converge to compete.

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Enjoy water sport activities at Ria Formosa

Kayaking is a sport which can be learnt relatively quickly under the expert tutorage of the lake instructors. Once the basics have been mastered, a gentle paddle around the nearby Ria Formosa nature reserve could provide some wonderful sights and give you a glimpse of the area as you've never seen it before. 

High speed thrills

If you are craving the thrill of jumping on a jet-ski, or can't do without a ringo-ride, then you only need to head down to the local Quinta do Lago beach, 

As well as holiday watersports activities such as banana rides, you can also have a go at sports such as water-skiing on the calm waters of the Atlantic Ocean. 

There's no need to worry about getting in the way of swimmers and bathers either as there's a huge 1500 metre area dedicated directly to motorised watersports so you can indulge your need for watery speed without risk of anyone getting hurt!