Quinta do Lago Restaurants

Whether you have spent the day driving hard on the golf courses, learning to sail at the Quinta do Lago Watersports Centre or simply stretching out on the nearby beach, as the sun sets on another glorious day you will want to find a place to eat. 

The good news is that the restaurants are as sublime as the other facilities and there's a wide choice of eateries, with a range of different cuisines.  Whether you are looking for a sandwich or quick snack at lunchtime, or a more substantial evening meal, the quality of the food available is simply unsurpassed. 

Here are a selection of the restaurants which await you during your stay at Quinta do Lago

VP's Rotisserie and Grill

One of the more informal places on the resort to eat, VP's Rotisserie and Grill is popular with the whole family and offers seating both inside and out. 

A large wood-burning grill and a rotisserie provide the distinctive flavours to VP's magnificent food which incorporate regional produce and recipes to create a truly unique grill experience. 

Open for dinners all week long (other than Sunday and Monday) customers can also enjoy a barbecue or can opt for a takeaway service. The restaurant is open between 18:00pm and 22:00pm but bar service is available from 16:00.

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An image of VP's Rotisserie and Grill

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Specials are on offer between 18:00pm and 19:30pm where a comprehensive menu is available for just €15 (a main course and either a starter or dessert). 

Typical dishes include corn fed chicken with salsa verde and French fries, twice cooked Iberian pork belly with spring onion mashed potato and braised cabbage and an aromatic duck curry. 


One of the most iconic places on the Quinta do Lago resort to eat in, Gigi's is only accessible by crossing the quaint wooden bridge over the Ria Formosa tidal lagoon.  This restaurant offers some of the most breath-taking views available, lying on an immaculate stretch of gleaming white sand on the edge of the Ria Formosa National Park

Surrounded by the gently undulating sand dunes, the gentle swell of the Atlantic Ocean and the raw beauty of Ria Formosa, it's hard not to be swept away by the setting of Gigi's.

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Cooking at Gigi's, Quinta do Lago

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However, if you can reluctantly drag your eyes away from the view you will find the menu is something very special. Lunch has been served up in Gigi's for more than 20 years by the charismatic and friendly Bernardo Reino, a world class restaurateur whose cuisine is simply outstanding. 

Gigi's is popular with some of the most famous visitors to Quinta do Lago including Formula One racing drivers, pop stars and even royalty. If you're enjoying a bite to eat at this simple yet exquisite restaurant, don't be surprised at who you might see around you!

Open for lunch between 12:30 and 16:00pm every day between March and November, advance booking is highly recommended to get a seat in Gigi's.  The food there is simple but sublime; thanks to Bernardo's dawn visits to the local market every day, you can enjoy freshly caught fish in one of their range of signature dishes. 

Koko Lane

A delicious little bistro handily located near to the driving range, the menu is perfect for the whole family whether you are looking to grab a meal at lunchtime or relax over an evening dinner. 

With a traditional wood-fired oven, Koko Lane is open from 8:00am, providing the perfect stop-off for breakfast before hitting the fairways for the day. 

Serving until 21:00pm every day of the week, Koko Lane is always popular and offers a takeaway service for added convenience. 

Whether it's Eggs Florentine in the morning, feta cheese, rocket, chilli and bacon linguine for lunch or an authentic Pomodoro pizza for dinner, you can be certain that you will be back for a second visit.   

Casa Velha

A restaurant embedded deep into the very roots of the Quinta do Lago resort, the 200 year old farmhouse is the oldest building in the whole Algarvian region and serves up some of the finest cuisine amid a fascinating setting.

With a large open fireplace for the colder months, and a charming al fresco terrace for warmer days, Casa Velha is adorned with colourful murals and paintings and decorated with sculptures.   

One of the first places to receive an overhaul and open for business after the Quinta do Lago estate was opened, the restaurant experiences very high demand all year round and booking in advance is absolutely essential to get a table.   

Situated on a hilltop location, Casa Velha is a romantic setting, and with the beautiful bougainvillea vines entwined around its exterior, there has never been a more relaxed Mediterranean vibe. 

The dishes produced by Chef Yannick are as incomparable as the surroundings with only the finest local produce sourced and used in his flawless menu. Some of the dishes you might select from include a dainty selection of petits fours, 12 spices breast of duck and lobster en cocotte. 

Golf clubhouses

Whilst Quinta do Lago resort offers some simply world class restaurants, there's also the opportunity to relax over a more informal meal as you enjoy a round or two out on the golf course.   

Battling the challenges of the fairways and attempting to get the better of the greens, you might not want to veer too far away from the course when you are ready for a spot of breakfast or lunch.

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One of the many golf clubhouses at Quinta do Lago

The good news is that with clubhouses situated at handy locations throughout the course, serving meals as well as delectable snacks, you won't have to choose between your game and your rumbling stomach!

The Quinta do Lago Clubhouse lies close to holes 1 and 10, making it the perfect stop-off for a spot of replenishments before continuing your round. Open from 7:00 in the morning until 19:30 in the evening, the so-called 19th hole is an essential part of any golfing day. 

For those playing at Laranjal, there's also an immaculate clubhouse with an outdoors terrace and a view over the fairways. 

Players can also grab a quick spot of rejuvenation from one of the many buggy-bars which regularly circulate around the courses from 9:00am in Quinta do Lago and 8:00am in Laranjal.

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