10 beautiful images of Quinta do Lago

The luxurious resort of Quinta do Lago lies deep in the heart of the world-famous Algarve region of Portugal, renowned for its stunning scenery and calm, gentle waters. 

Quinta do Lago is one of the premier golfing resorts in the world, having hosted the Portuguese Open eight times. The greens are exquisite and the courses remain amongst the favourites of the top golfing professionals in the world. However, Quinta do Lago offers so much more than just a sublime golfing experience. Bordered by an 18,000 hectare nature reserve, Ria Formosa, the views around Quinta do Lago have to be seen to be believed.

If you haven't yet been to this beautiful corner of the world, take a look through some of the images below and see exactly what you are missing...

1) Dolphin watching in the Atlantic



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The area around Quinta do Lago is a veritable paradise for nature-lovers and one of the most popular excursions is a trip out into the waves to watch the friendly dolphins swimming alongside the boat. If you are lucky you may even catch a glimpse of their sparkling fins from the shoreline as they jump and twist out of the water. Bring a pair of binoculars and you could be in luck! 

2) A view over the water

villa scene

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Many people dream of having a place with a sea view but a beach hut is normally the only property within budget... In Quinta do Lago there are some spectacular villas and other waterfront properties which look over the Ria do Formosa nature reserve and the Atlantic Ocean behind. The area is opulent and luxurious and the properties are quite simply the stuff dreams are made of.

3) Unbelievable blue 

deep blue

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The Algarve, and Quinta do Lago lying in the most southerly tip, is blessed with the best of the Atlantic Ocean. With no industry to pollute the water, the sea is crystal clear and clean, with the beach earning a Blue Flag award. However, due to the influence of North Africa and the Mediterranean, the water is also very warm, with temperatures rising to a tropical 26°C during the summer months. 

4) A private beach

private beach

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However much you might love a trip to the beach, it can often be a noisy and crowded affair and from the peaceful idyll you may have been hoping for.  But in Quinta do Lago the low density of buildings compared to land, and the exclusive nature of the villas mean that the beaches are quiet, and privacy is almost guaranteed, even in the height of summer. 

5) A beautiful sunset

night beach

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In Quinta do Lago, the deep blue skies, clear waters and lush greens are difficult to surpass but as the sun sets for the day, the silhouettes and dusky pinks create an equally stunning horizon. With the evening still warm, a cool drink in one of the bars or restaurants watching the light slowly dim and the night draw in could just be the perfect way to round off a lovely day.   

6) Getting up close and personal

crab on beach

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Quinta do Lago is on the edge of one of the largest nature reserves in Europe, Ria Formosa, which is home to hundreds of different species of molluscs and other sea creatures. It's also an extremely important habitat for thousands of resident and migrant birds. If you are quiet and spend some time sitting peacefully in the reserve, you could be treated to rare glimpses of creatures such as this type of fiddler crab which normally stay hidden out of sight. 

7) A lush green landscape



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The Algarve and Quinta do Lago in particular may have a reputation for providing sparkling white beaches and warm, balmy seas but there are many other types of landscapes in and around the area as well. With the Ria Formosa nature reserve stretching alongside the coast offering woodland and farmland, and the lush greens of the Quinta do Lago golf resorts, the area has plenty of stunning scenery that wouldn't look out of place in the rolling green hills of the English countryside!


8) Seeing the sights


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Although there is plenty to keep you busy in Quinta do Lago itself, it is also ideally situated close to other resorts. This means that it's easy to explore some of the small towns nearby and take part in some of the available activities. Both the historical buildings and examples of modern architecture in the area are nothing short of spectacular and well worth making the short trip. This church is Loule; just 12 kilometres outside Quinta do Lago, with a direct route by road. 

9) A golfing birdie...

birds soaring high

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With such beautiful golf courses plus a stunning nature reserve at Quinta do Lago it can be difficult to decide what to do first. However, because the golf course overlaps onto the nature reserve with views of the lagoon, pine woodland and the sea beyond, it's possible to enjoy the scenery and some of the wildlife too without ever leaving the fairway. This captivating shot of an ibis flying overhead was captured by a golfer in the middle of a game.

10) The heart of Quinta do Lago


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Quinta do Lago has a wide variety of attractions to draw visitors: the famous Ria Formosa nature reserve, the pristine white beaches and the tropical seas. However, at the heart of the resort are the world-class golfing fairways and greens which have drawn some of the best players in the world. It therefore wouldn't be a true reflection of Quinta do Lago without a glimpse at one of their stunning courses. This bunker nestled by the sea shows perfectly how nature and golf complement each other perfectly, allowing players to enjoy their game in some of the most naturally beautiful landscapes around. 

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