Catamaran Holidays in Algarve

For some people there is nothing more relaxing than spending days on the water. There is something about the salt air, the sound of gentle waves against the hull that relaxes the mind and soothes the soul.

Portugal's south coast, the Golden Triangle offers days on the water filled with relaxation or adventure. For holiday travelers with no nautical skills the Algarve gives the best in sailing day cruises.


Let your captain take the helm and enjoy the majestic cliffs and serene beaches. Sailing along the coast take in the beauty of the small villages with their narrow streets dotting the coastline.

Drop anchor and swim in the warm waters or dive and explore the enchanting sea caves. For lunch enjoy a sardine barbeque.

Touring the Southern coastline on a chartered catamaran during your holiday in Portugal will be one of the most relaxing experiences on the water you can dream of.

Once settled in your villa in the Algarve you may well decide that you would like to explore the beautifull Algarve coastline in your own boat, for information on train,ing courses and obtaining a licence to skipper your own boat go to

Lay back and let the sun work on your tan as you take in the world famous vistas that make up the Algarve's dreamy coastline.