Where are Algarve's Hidden Hot Spots?

Holiday Algarve- The Top 5 Hotspots You Didn't Know About!

When most people think of holidays at the Golden Triangle, it is filled with visions of golf, beaches, resort life, and day cruises on the water. The advantage of holiday villa rentals becomes apparent when you stay in luxurious surroundings and be close to where you want to be, not where a hotel is located.

Relax, unwind, and enjoy yourself. Discover some of the truly hidden gems and spend your time exploring them, not driving to them. You are on holiday, remember?

Golden Triangle Properties presents the Holiday to Algarve you didn't know about! These places are some of the many we want on every itinerary as "must go to, and must see."

  1. Pego de Inferno is situated in a valley near Tavira. This isolated spot has long been a favorite of the locals. Picture a picnic next to an olive green lake with a beautiful cascading waterfall to swim in! This hidden gem can only be seen when you hike down into the valley.We feel no holiday to Algarve would be complete without seeing this hidden wonder!
  2. Explore the largest caves in Europe by foot or small boat! The Algarve coastline is world renowned for its rugged beauty and awe inspiring rock formations. For a day trip you will never forget, book a small boat tour with a local guide and spelunk by water. You can even arrange to be dropped off for a relaxing day at one of the many beaches that can only be accessed from a small boat.
  3. Serra de Monchique is located in Algarve's mountain range in the north-west. Monchique has narrow cobbled streets crisscrossing the hillside giving unbelievable photo opportunities. It is a very quiet and relaxed place. Nestled in the woods near the town is a hidden spa and a private zoo for endangered species.What Monchique is most famous for besides the vistas is the local liquor. Medronho is made from the Arbutus or Strawberry tree. Although variations are available across Portugal, Monchique's is prized for being the best and truly authentic.
  4. Portimao's Artificial Reef is a great place to dive or snorkel.  It has 4 decommissioned naval ships and is a great place to explore and enjoy. Portugal sunk them as part of an underwater museum project in an area devoid of sea life with the hopes of increasing marine diversity.
  5. Salema Beach in the west of Algarve is listed by Travel & Leisure Magazine as being 15th position for most secluded and tranquil beaches in the world! It is also the only beach in Portugal to make the list.

What could be more perfect than being the only people on one of the world's most famous beaches?

At the end of the day going back to a luxury holiday villa and recharging your batteries for that night out on the town!